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A Legacy of Local Service

From the heart of the Allegheny mountains in Cresson, Pennsylvania, a financial institution known as Cresson Community Bank provided nearly a century of steadfast service. Established in 1919 and located at 700 Second Street, the bank served as a bedrock of financial support for the community until its merger with C&G Savings Bank in 2016.

Birth of a Banking Legend

Emerging in the aftermath of World War I, Cresson Community Bank was founded with the vision of creating a more prosperous future for the citizens of Cresson. With a firm commitment to the community, the bank quickly made its mark, empowering locals with robust financial tools and services.

Forging a Strong Community

Cresson Community Bank was more than just a financial institution; it was a nurturing hand that guided the region’s economic growth and development. It provided personalized banking solutions to individuals, families, and businesses, strengthening the financial fiber of the community.

Empowering Businesses, Enriching Lives

From local entrepreneurs to established businesses, Cresson Community Bank played a vital role in fueling the local economy. The bank’s commitment to fostering business growth had a ripple effect that enriched the lives of many Cresson residents, shaping the community’s character and spirit.

Transition into a New Era

In 2016, Cresson Community Bank merged with C&G Savings Bank, marking the end of an era. Despite the change, the essence of the bank’s century-long commitment to the community continues to resonate in the hearts of many Cresson citizens.

The Legacy Continues with adPharos

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An Unforgettable Impact

The legacy of Cresson Community Bank is far from over. Its influence is evident in the thriving local economy it helped to shape, the businesses it nurtured, and the countless lives it touched.

While the bank’s physical presence is no longer, its spirit lives on. As we look back on its illustrious history, we are reminded of the profound impact a committed community bank can have. And, we are honored to keep the story of Cresson Community Bank alive, celebrating its extraordinary contributions to the community it loved.

This digital archive serves as a tribute to Cresson Community Bank, an embodiment of the spirit and values that define community banking.

Cresson Community Bank
700 Second Street
Cresson, PA 16630